Being in Nature for mutual support

Change through connection to nature is one way of integrating life styles that evolves how we steward the planet.  Whether we are conscious of our actions or not, we still steward the planets environment in both our healthy or unhealthy lifestyle contributions.  Developing personal inner conscious awareness while outside in nature gives us the potential to connect to the value of our natural surrounding.  Therefore balancing what we give with what we receive.

Creating and walking a Beach Labyrinth Walk 

Creating the labyrinth at 9:00 a.m.

Walking the beach labyrinth between 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Considered to be meditative and dynamic aspect of Labyrinth experience. Gonzales Beach is a wonderful way to connect with the ocean water and nature elements; water, sand, rock, logs, marine life and land animals.  A perfect location for bringing our focus inward and grounding our feet into our earth while integrating our natural living environment’s sights, sounds and life itself, nurturing space for experience of spirit. 

  •  10:00 a.m. – walking labyrinth              


  • Explore a few minutes waking up your breath, creating grounded happy feet and experiencing the relationship between the two…..with awareness through movement


  • Combine movement and mindfulness to take into your walking dance through the inward spiral reaching the inner circle to pause and return renewed and refreshed……with getting InTouch to your inner aliveness


  • Did you know that historically the inward spiral represented letting go of the old and the return outward was re-birth?


Wrapping up before lunch,  yet why not plan a picnic and enjoy the day at the beach!  Gonzales Beach has easy access, close to town, community stores and has clean washroom facilities and running water.

By donation – Affordable for all! 

Meet up – On Beach at end of Richmond Avenue off Crescent Road


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