Peace & Nonviolence

In 2011 Renee became involved in bringing awareness to The 14th Gandhi, King and Chavez Season for Nonviolence.  This first year was to plant seeds to nurture and grow a local Victoria Season of Nonviolence and connect us to a greater community of leaders coming forward to initiate change.

Through Renee’s involvement with this awareness campaign a gift was received from Dr. Barbara Fields, Executive Director, The Age of New Global Thought.   A documentary called  A Heart to Lead, women as Allies for the Greater Good.  This was a featured event in August of 2011.

Community members are encouraged to join in creating a Season for Peace and Nonviolence for 2012 and future years for bringing more awareness into our local communities.

Any form of contribution is welcome from sponsoring events, creating a committee, and getting the message out.

Lets begin our own local umbrella group that gathers as people to dialogue and recognize, “the truth in me supports the truth in you.” 

If you have any ideas, feedback and would like to contribute – email – and enter SNV Victoria in the subject line.

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