Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Shifting a Planet into Peace

April, 2012 – Nonviolent Communication Awareness Campaign

Hosted by the Victoria Church of Truth at Oneness Wednesday’s Program

111 Superior Street, James Bay, Victoria, B.C. 

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 

The Church of Truth in James Bay is hosting a month long NVC awareness campaign. Four life areas have been chosen that may be relevant for our times. 

  • April 4th, 2012:


  • April 11th, 2012:

Beyond Right and Wrongdoing

  • April 18th, 2012:

Social Activism

  • April 25th, 2012:

Conflict Resolution

Nonviolent Communication is the lost language of humankind,
the language of a people who care about one another and long
to live in harmony.

Nonviolent Communication helps:
~Individuals break patterns of thinking that lead to arguments, anger & depression
~Families & couples communicate with mutual respect & understanding
~School systems create healthy respect for diversity & differences
~Businesses increase goodwill & cooperation with co-workers & customers
~Health-care professionals develop systems that support compassion
~Social service agencies find ways to meet needs constructively
~Police, military and prison personnel prevent & peacefully resolve conflicts
~and more……..

Free/by donation

for more information on programs –

or Church of Truth website      and       map 

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