Speaking Peace

Gandhi’s grandson shares a childhood story of being sent to live with Gandhi . A picture of a tree was drawn on the wall in his bedroom and each day Gandhi had him write out the days acts of violence he experienced on the roots of this tree.  He was asked to separate them into two categories.   The  physical acts of violence and the hidden emotional and mental acts that occur generally not given the same recognition as the physical acts.  Gandhi’s grandson shared that the hidden acts far surpassed the  physical!  The lesson was to learn the subtly of acts that are violent that we are not giving any attention to.

 Recommendations for Integrating Nonviolence Practice:

  • 1.  Nonviolence in Communication - Community, Learning and Practice


1.  Learning Nonviolence in Communication – Victoria  was started in 2010/2011 as an initiative for the 14th Gandhi, King Chavez Season for Nonviolence by Renee Lindstrom, Task Force Leader – Victoria.  What began as a face book page has grown to over 60 people at the start of this season.    Follow On facebook – Learning  Nonviolence in Communication – Victoria - community

2.  Follow on Twitter @NVCinVictoria,  added in the fall of 2011 to increase awareness and begin the campaign for support the 15th Season for Peace and Nonviolence.

3.  Join Cinema Meet ups showing films, movies and documentaries that are meaningful, inspiring and relevent to current life issues.  Waking2heart has a monthly meet up to show the Spiritual Cinema Circle monthly film selections.  Join this meet up or start your own.


1.  See articles about local Awareness Campaign hosted by the Victoria Church of Truth for local Nonviolent Communication in April, 2012.  Four consecuative Wednesday evening presentations by local Trainers and Facilitators:

1. April is Nonviolent Communication Awareness Month in Victoria @http://bit.ly/JLggQ7
2. NVC Perspective of “Beyond Right and Wrongdoing” @ http://bit.ly/IXqrwj
3. Social Change from an NVC Perspective @ http://bit.ly/Ihz86X
4. Wednesday’s April NVC Awareness Victoria doesn’t disappoint @http://bit.ly/JxNRZ4

*See me Beautiful by Michele Favarger

2.  Read Nonviolent Communication, a Language for Life - written by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, find a copy of  Nonviolent Communication –  here 

3.  Register for a local class or workshop or inquire about specialized workshops. 


4..  Follow Inside Awareness for Healthy Living  for relevant articles, videos and lifestyle considerations for individuals, teachers, parents, youth and children.


1.  Join a practice group. – Find out more by email – renee@insideawareness.com

2.  Create a practice group.  - if you would like support, contact renee@insideawareness.com


2.  Cultivating Peace Walks – Integrating Mindfulness and Action  

Join in on one or many of 52 weekly Sunday morning walks to begin to develop a still mind and building the skills of sensing your inner movement in the support of our urban natural areas.  Each week a universal value will be brought into focus at the beginning of each walk.  Supports NVC and Values integration.


Dr. Marshall Rosenberg – http://www.cnvc.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – http://www.agnt.org - 64 ways in 64 days created for SNV by the Dallas Task Force

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