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THE PROPHETS MEETUPS SALONS were just launched and already they are taking off! These are informal monthly gatherings bring people together with other like-minded folks in their own communities to share the ideas that have been the basis of The Prophets Confernce. Below are photos and comments from a few of our first Salons.


Burbank/Los Angeles, California
Barbara & Glenn, coordinators:
We had 16 attendees at our first LA/Burbank Prophets Salon! They came from all over SoCal — as far away as Irvine/Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, and Santa Monica. One attendee (Carol) is considering volunteering to host a Salon in Irvine where she lives. We also had one attendee (John) who’s been to several Prophets Conferences and told us a bit about what you’ve been doing so far. He’s glad the Salons are starting as he’s wanted more community interaction!

The video (which not everyone got to watch in advance) was a great launching pad, and we discussed many aspects of it — what stood out to us from what Alberto Villoldo presented, what “old stories” we’d like to be shed and “new stories” adopted, and we planted “seeds” (thoughts) of what we want to have in the new stories — 16 different qualities and concepts we want to nurture and foster for our collective future.

  • Connection
  • Empowerment
  • Eradication of fear
  • Willingness to Communicate to Everyone
  • Unconditional Love of Self and Others
  • Heart Centered Loving Interactions
  • Plenty of Delicious, Nutritious, Unadulterated, Yummy Food
  • Understanding
  • Accepting, trusting and believing in your own knowing
  • Seeing as a child
  • Caretaking of and Co-exiting with the Earth
  • Unity
  • Fun
  • Ultimate Joy for All
  • Courage to Live Heart Centered Lives
  • Partnership

Leesburg/Northern Virginia
Yolanda – coordinator:
Phenomenal!!!!! We opened the meetup with a deep breathing centering exercise. While the members breathed I read the Silent Prayer, (From Tobias as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) as a visualization. The Silent Prayer is an acknowledgment of ALL that IS!

The video link of Alberto Villodo, sent for viewing prior to the meetup, was just the thing to start an excited, “let’s talk about what we viewed” dialog.

Closing evaluations: Trish-I think it was great!! Bernadette-Wonderful! Linda-Eye opening, awe inspiring! Lynne-Excellent video. Extremely stimulating; inspired to go buy his book: “Power Up The Brain” the neuro-science of enlightenment. Diane-Let’s do BBQ Pot Luck at my home next month.

The entire group consensus was: “We will be here next month” A couple felt to wait an entire month for the next meetup was too long a wait! Personally, as an organizer, I am looking forward to a long and spiritually evolving relationship. I had fun!!

Sebastopol, California
Hamida, coordinator:
We had our first Cafe Cody MeetUp and five people showed including me. Everyone was excited and pleased and we have planned to do an additional event together next week. We discussed…the shift in consciousness we are all experiencing and ways we are implementing what we are learning in our personal lives to our work/practice/encounters with others. We got along well and want to continue to meet. We all expressed the value of meeting with like-minded people to talk about what’s going on in the world.

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