Investing in ourselves, our families, our communities, our institutions, our businesses and our environments.  Sharing awareness techniques and campaigns for becoming the changes we are longing for.  Making lasting change that evolves a planet beginning with recognition of what is important to us.  Remembering the value of the parts of our living world we have forgotten somehow in the ways of our culture.

Some examples of coming to remember is through connecting with our senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste and inner feeling sensations.  Connecting to something that inspires us and that we love such as our ‘oceans.’  The beauty of our beaches, marine life and the waves of water crashing to shore.

We can be forced to remember by an event that leaves us with fear of loose or through getting out and exploring our surrounding areas.  Taking time out from our busy lifestyles to simply be in natures environments.

Some examples of ways to connect:

  • Nature  & Labyrinth Walks
  • B.C. Marine world is through the following contributions to view and in some cases follow along and contribute your own picture stories at:

B.C. Westcoast Beaches in Pictures

 Facebook Page 


The Beauty of Botanical Beach 


Botanical Beach Forest Trail


Hands Across the Sands – 2010


More at Youtube – Moving to Change 

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