Renee Lindstrom

Renee is the founder of Inside Awareness for Healthy Living where she offers Integration Techniques for improving your life style, health and well-being.  These techniques include the Feldenkrais® Method, Nonviolent Communication and urban Feng Shui for learning and expanding awareness of how to inspire, motivate, create and improve your own experiences.     Website:,

In the community:

Available for speaking events, for coaching and for facilitating classes and workshops, Renee, offers movement, communication and dialogue gathering in her community and privately.  She is on the task force since 2010/2011 for bringing awareness and community together to connect for the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence and began participating when an international gathering of women formed to explore the evolving feminine integration into leadership.

In Renee’s private practice:

Movement sessions are a combination of practitioner guided movement and verbal guided movement to enhance your awareness through reduced effort. A table similar to a massage table is used with rollers and blocks to increase comfort and relaxed body effort. Clothes remain on.  These sessions are called Functional Integration®.

Movement Classes are guided movement patterns designed for you to experience your habitual patterns and offer you new movement options through increased conscious awareness and learning that is a combination of experience, intellect, developing sensory awareness. These are called Awareness through Movement® classes.

Communication: Relationship and personal life coaching sessions are in a comfortable and relaxing space that encourages deeper connecting. Whether individual or couple sessions, verbal guidance into listening and being heard by self and each other is in a way that mutuality, equality and respect is held for all parties. There is no labeling, coercion or imbalance to develop support, trust and safety to encourage honest expression and empathic listening.

Learning Nonviolence thru Empathy & Communication Classes are based upon Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, A language for Life.   These classes combine learning, role play and practice to integrate a new way of perceiving and connecting in relationships.

You tube channel – Moving to Change

 Blogs for personal and community support:

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